Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Uptown Boot disaster

I've been knitting the Uptown Boot Socks from IK's Favourite Socks. I've done one, but disaster struck this afternoon with sock 2. Unfortunately, while A and F were bothering me, I thought I was being clever by dealing with them and knitting at the same time. Hah! It turned out I stopped doing the cable pattern on one half of the sock. So ripped back it is.

Baby blanket

Now this, this I enjoyed. A very simple pinwheel pattern, but I used the very nicest expensive cotton from my local (expensive) yarn shop. I finished it off with a nice, nobbly crochet edging, because I figured A would enjoy sucking on it.
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Almost never happened socks

These ones...well, it's a long story. I knitted the first one 2 years ago. I finished number 2 this week. They're destined to be a birthday pressie for my oldest friend. Really cool pattern features. I especially liked the heel and the toe.

Pattern: Embossed Leaves Socks
Yarn: Knitpicks Essentials
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Attrition socks

These socks tried really hard to suck me into a motivation sinkhole. It took me FOREVER to knit them. There's no excuse really. I started them around the campfire when we were on vacation in May, and it took until August to finish number 2.

Pattern: My own basic sock on 64 stitches using the Magic Loop
Yarn: No idea. Some sort of cotton/lycra mix
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Not the best photo in the world

Okay, I admit it. This sucks as a demonstration of my great knitting technique. But the subject, A, was not being very cooperative. Poor lass, she was having a bad day.

Anyway, here are the details:

Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket, Elizabeth Zimmerman
Yarn: Koigu KPPM
Notes: I used size 3 needles and the end result was teeny-tiny. Too small even for a newborn A. I thought my gauge was correct, but obviously I was mistaken. I loved the pattern, though, and the yarn.
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Monday, August 13, 2007

Just a Test... see if this thing works. I hope I don't forget the log-in and password in the months that it'll be before I post again properly.