Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lurgy redux

In the space of eight daylight hours today, both kids were felled by some unidentified fever. F, who usually has the energy of a thousand suns, lay on the couch with heavy eyelids all afternoon. Poor A didn't know what was going on - she just screamed for 4 hours straight.

It's bedtime now, so I'm banking on a couple of hours to myself before the inevitable Parade of Sick Children throughout the night.

Just time to show one more finished object. The Spicy Fitted Tee from here.
Bad yarn choice, again, but I was knitting from the stash. Bulky acrylic yarn does nothing for me. This pattern...oh dear...I love the design, and I love many of the other patterns in this book, but the pattern was quite simply the worst I have ever tried to follow. Confusing, illogical, and pretty much unintelligible. In the end, I looked at the photos and constructed the pattern myself. However, I love the design so much (and I liked that for once the shaping was obvious enough that I could make the sweater both long enough and waist-cinching enough) that I plan on making another one. Next time, less bulky wool. The photo makes it look awful. Poor R will never make a photographer.


Well, that was a long hiatus. As the title suggests, illness descended on the household, particularly me and the little one. It really knocked us both out for a couple of weeks. Then, more pleasantly, we went on vacation to Big Bear for a week. It was lovely. Oh, how I wish we could live in a place like that. Of course, it's nice to visit and a whole other kettle of fish to live there full time.

I managed to finish some knitting, though. Firstly, the ubiquitous Hemlock Ring Blanket. It's a very belated present for my sister who turned 40 (!) in December.

Then, something for me. Coriolus socks . I enjoyed the construction of them. I made a bad, bad yarn choice though. I thought I'd try Berrocco Comfort DK. Far too splity and soft. Still, I'd redo the pattern in something more suitable, although I'm not too fond of sport-weight socks.

I have about a million different things on the needles right now, and I really need to finish some more stuff. That's all for now.