Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kureyon sock scarf

Kureyon sock scarf
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What a thrifty person I can be (sometimes). My mum likes short socks, so I had tons of yarn leftover from her socks. I managed to eke it out into a 6 foot long scarf that should brighten up those grey Edinburgh winter days.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Season Of Socks

There's something about the heat of summer that drives me to create lovely, woolly socks. I'm not sure why, but Ive been on a bit of a sock-roll recently.

Aren't these lovely? More Kureyon sock yarn, this time for my mum. And I had enough left over to knit a lace scarf for myself, which is blocking as we speak.

Ans then there's these lovely socks for F, using yarn bought from Knitting Iris. I love her blog, I love her yarn. F wants to wear these socks despite it being about 90 degrees outside today.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Status: hiatus

Well. That was a long break.


My mum and dad made the trek over the ocean and across the continent to see us all. We had a blast while they were here, but the kids really miss them now that they've gone.

Re-entry to Scotland

It appears our tenants may be planning to cut and run on their lease in the next few weeks. As it makes no sense for us to pay the mortgage there and our rent here when we are planning to go back so soon anyway, we've decided that I should aim to get back to the old country with the kids even if R has to stay here for a while for work. Scary biscuits.


Oh, so much knitting! Firstly, this little gem from F. I'm so proud.

Next, something I'm almost embarrassed to post. I decided that THIS was the year that I had to enter my one and only County Fair. Since I have limited knitting skills, I decided that it was the taking part rather than the winning that counted. So I decided to go for broke and learn a new technique. So I did. Entrelac socks. For some reason, I picked rather hideous colours. I apologise in advance to the poor knitting judges that were subject to this monstrosity.

They didn't win a prize, I'll never do anything entrelac again as long as I live, but I did get a free Fair ticket out of it - not factoring in the cost of the wool, obviously. Let us never speak of them again (I'm not even going to pick them up at the end of the Fair, I'm so mortified by them).

Lots more knitting to share, but right now I have dinner to pre-prepare.