Saturday, February 7, 2009

Babette for Ariane

This was a very quick,little knit for Ariane. It took only 2 and a half days from start to finish and is really just a little raglan jumper with a (slightly) fancy bottom. The real event is the yarn, which it's very hard to capture in a photo using the light available in our flat.

This photo does it no justice at all. It's Lambs Pride Superwash in Mysterious Fuchsia - a beautiful heathery damson purple. I bought two skeins of it ages ago with the intention of a jumper for Ariane. With the rate she's growing, I figured I'd better get a move on before I didn't have enough yarn to fit her. As it was, I only just managed it. I knit the 6 month width, but the two year old lengths, and although it fits her well, the length is a close-run thing. She must take after her Dad in the long, thin stakes.

In other news, I just listened to a very interesting Radio 4 programme about the Harris Tweed industry. Perhaps 'industry' is the wrong term to use in conjunction with such a culturally and historically rich fabric. I remember vaguely hearing a little about the controversies that have been going on about it's production and sales, but I had no idea how interesting the political machinations were.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Far Too Long

Well, that was a bit of an unintended break. After my last post, I had the kids to deal with on my own for a couple of months. The experience left me breathless with respect for those that do the single-parent thing full-time. There also wasn't much knitting time, or eating time, or sleeping time, or anything-time.

Thankfully, we now have R back with us. And he has a job, which is a bit of a relief in these frankly scary financial times.

It now, finally, feels like things are back on an even keel (or as even as they can be). I've actually done a fair bit of knitting in the past couple of weeks. Nice simple things like mittens and hats, with the odd jumper (mindless raglan in the round) thrown in for good measure.

Now that the days are definitely beginning to stretch out a bit, and the first daffodils are making their appearance, everything seems a little less like a hard slog. Between yesterday and today I've nearly finished a little toddler-sized sweater in the last of my precious, tiny stash of Lamb's Pride. Hopefully there will be photos of the finished article tomorrow.