Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dear TSA Workers and Baggage Handlers,

I know you have a tough job and aren't paid very much, but I'd like to implore you to please not steal anything from my luggage tomorrow. I know that the last time I traveled, my half-used body lotion, mobile phone charger and perfume were too much of a temptation, but this time please resist. I'm going so far as to say, pretty please don't do anything to my Knitpicks needle set, the Gnarled Oakwoods stole or any of the half-finished knitting in my bags. If I were to find any of these things missing, it might turn nasty.



P.S. Thankyou, Jean and Helen, I would love to meet over a cup of tea - you both know so much about so many things I'm sure the conversation would be animated and fun! I'm going to be without the computer for a couple of weeks, but if the offer still stands when I get back on-line, I'll be in touch.


Helen said...

Whenever you're ready :) Have a safe journey and I hope the settling in goes well.

Helen said...
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