Monday, September 22, 2008

More knitting

Here are (some of) the things I've been working on the in past couple of weeks.

This is my version of the Twisted Tree pullover. I'm knitting it for F. For some reason, this has become a long plod. I've finished the body, and have nearly finished one of the arms, but I seem to have stopped dead. The sleeve has taken forever - something you wouldn't normally associate with a jumper for a four year old. Perhaps it's the yarn - it very grey and dreich, and just a little depressing. Still, I'm intending to finish this before we go, so I'll grit my teeth and push on.

This is the Classic Child's pinafore (Ravelry link) from A Gathering of Lace. The yarn is Knitpicks cotlin - my first time using it, and if I wasn't leaving their stomping ground it wouldn't be my last. I'm surprised to see only one project on Ravelry - it's easy, quick. Perhaps I'm old-fashioned when it comes to children's wear, but I really like it. It was my first time doing double knitting, and I enjoyed it. I think the cleverness of slipping stitches and knitting two sides at once appeals to me. I only have to knit the straps, but they're double knitting too, so you effectively knit double the amount of stitches for the same length. I'm sure I'll get to it one night this week.

The weekend was spent in a blur of saying goodbye to people and places. Most difficult was our last trip to the zoo. I often forget that a small child's cognitive make-up is so, so, different from an adult's. As we were leaving, F said, "Bye-bye zoo, we'll see you next week", despite our best efforts to work with him on the whole 'moving thing'. He's trying really hard to wrap his head around our move, but I think we're fighting a losing battle with his developing ability to form and remember abstract concepts. It made me a bit sad, though, because I can't help thinking that he's going to feel very disappointed when he finally gets that we're going and not coming back.

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Jean said...

Edinburgh Zoo is of course wonderful -- but expensive.