Saturday, July 19, 2008


What better way to manage the heat than to make the baby wear the hottest hat in the world made from (very bulky) handspun. This kid has a serious headwear fetish. It started when she put her toy hippo on her head by mistake one day, and she caught herself in the mirror and thought it was the funniest thing in the world. Now, everything goes on her head, to her great delight.

And now some proof that my spinning is getting better. This is on my new spindle from
Spinsanity. It's lovely and small, 0.8 oz. It seems obvious to me now that it's easier to spin finer yarn on a lighter spindle. I've got about 100yds of 2-ply kind of lace weight. I'm very taken with my new book Victorian Lace Today. I realise I'm very behind the curve on this one, but there are a few projects that have caught my eye.

I'm luxuriating an a morning without the children. R heard my plea for peace and quiet yesterday, so he's disappeared for a few hours with them. It's giving me time to catch up on a few little projects that have been languishing in the nearly finished pile. I'm going to crack on and see how it goes. i may update later.

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